Popup plugin for WordPress

Modal popup,
that can do more

The powerful and flexible modal popup window plugin for your WordPress site.
Popup chain

Create pop-up chains by integrating visitors into the sales funnel to increase the conversion of your site.

Opening Triggers

Assign any or several conditions for opening a popup in the right place and at the right time.

Visual Builder

Use whatever you love to create popup content - Elementor, WPBakery or Gutenberg.

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To conversion rates

According to public research data on 1 million websites timely displayed pop-up window increases the conversion of exits to sales by 60%. This value includes pop-ups with a picture +3.8%, pop-ups with a countdown +8.07%. The highest rating was shown for popups that were shown after scrolling 35% of the page.

Flexible positions include Fullscreen and Inline.

Settings will help you flexibly arrange the popup on the page. In addition to corners positions, you can also place the popup content inline right between two adjacent blocks.

Customizable size & position
of overlay-box

Flexible adjustment of the size of the overlay box will help to create a unique behavior of the popup on the page. Style management will create a unique impression and perfectly fit the popup into your website design.


10+ opening triggers –
any event, any element at any time

Configure the opening of the popup for any event or action on the page at any time or once. You can open the pop-up by clicking, scrolling, hovering, by time of activity or inactivity, when you exit or after changing the tab, and of course immediately after loading.

Create popup content in your favorite editor

Create popup content in a standard WordPress editor or use ready-made pages and templates as content. Plugins support pages created in Elementor, WPBakery, or Gutenberg, and of course, shortcodes.

Total control of opening & closing with JS

You don’t need any knowledge of the code to use the plugin. However, in the settings of each popup, there are fields for using a custom JS or ​CSS code for more flexible customization.

Auto close and timed open functions

Control the display time using the built-in time functions. For example, show the popup only once every 2 days, 9 seconds after entering, and automatically close it after 1 minute.

Support for modern web standard
and recomendations

The plugin complies with the WCAG Level AA standard and provides a high level of accessibility of content inside the popup, both at the code level and visually. In addition, the plug-in meets the standards of the GDPR and store necessary data only In the browser.
We follow the innovations and try to update the plugins so that they continue to meet the most current standards.

Sequential opening of pop-ups one after another

Create chains of popups by opening the next one after closing the previous one. This is a great opportunity to introduce the user to the interface of your site.

Simultaneous opening
of several popups

Do not limit your marketing capabilities to one pop-up – open several pop-ups at the same time there and when you need it in order to achieve the best conversion on your site.

WordPress Posts or wooCommerce Products inside the popup

Use any type of content as a popup: it can be just a piece of text or HTML, WordPress entities such as Page, Post or wooCommerce products, as well as any shortcodes available in WordPress.

More amazing features
you've always dreamed of

The Snitcher has a lot of additional options that can more accurately configure when and for which audience display the popup. You can assign the windows display for specific user roles or time, for certain pages or devices. Limit the number of impressions for one client/session or disable the popup for the specified number of days. Moreover, there are available shortcodes for adding individual popups to specific pages or using a custom button on your page as a popup trigger.

Perfect for most popular
WordPress themes

Snitcher is completely compatible with Avada, Jupiter, BeTheme, The7, Flatsome, Enfold, Porto, Bridge, Uncode, TheGem, Newspaper, Salient, Total, X Theme, Kalium, ListingPro and more.

Customer Support Service & Online Documentation

Our support team is incredible fans of the WordPress, and ready to help and solve even the most difficult problems. The plugin installation takes only a few seconds. The plugin is ready to work immediately after installation – you only need to install and activate it in WordPress. 

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